Top 5 Drone Footage of The Natural World

I’ll be honest with you – I wasn’t impressed by drones when they first came out. I could appreciate the new-found accessibility that these flying creatures would provide, particularly to the world of filmmaking, but my first impressions were dubious. What are these things? What do I do if one of them turns up at my house? Can I hold it? And other such Orwellian questions.

The truth is that a well-made drone video can be one of the most zen-like and relaxing ways to travel. Choose some good music, a high-resolution camera, an artistic drone pilot and top editing equipment and you have the key ingredients for a spectacular drone film.

I’ve focused on the natural world for this top five. Cities are great, but there’s something about an open, empty landscape that just makes you feel relaxed. So, sit back, put the volume all the way up and connect with your inner Buddha, as I bring you my top five drone videos of the natural world…

  1. Best Drone Footage of Niagara Falls by Sky’s The Limit Dronography

This footage was shot by David Woll of Sky’s the Limit Drone. It makes our top 5 because the music really compliments the early morning mood in this video. It’s quite uplifting and shows Niagara Falls in all of her beauty.

  1. Amazing Tulip Fields by Ruedi Abbühl

The Netherlands is a beautiful place when it’s in full bloom. There are a lot of drone videos that capture the agricultural season in all of its pastels, but none do so better than Ruedi Abbuhl. His use of scale and contrast frames his images as though he were operating the camera by himself, up in the clouds. A truly beautiful moment of escapism.

  1. Sunset drone flight deep in Amazon Jungle, Bolivia by Joshua Turner

Accompanied by spa-like music, this gorgeous video by Joshua Turner takes you on an enchanting sunset voyage across the Amazonian jungle. The colours are painting-like and it works well as a chill out video too.

  1. Beautiful Scotland (Highlands / Isle of Skye) by Stefan Zimmermann

Another beautifully crafted little drone film, this one feels like the start of a Sam Mendes film. With hauntingly beautiful music and some gorgeous landscapes, soak in the Scottish Highlands in all their glory in this gorgeous 4k drone offering.

  1. Morocco by Jacob + Katie Schwarz

This is a very mellow and colourful look at Morocco in 8k splendour. A well-made video from the Schwarzs’. They explore Marrakech, Fez, the blue city of Chefchaouen, the Arfoud desert, and the ancient city of Ouarzazate. Definitely worthy of the top five.

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